NFT FM Community Proposals — #1

As we continue to develop as a platform, we want to take into consideration the feedback and propositions from our $VINYL holders. We have built a governance board where token holders can make proposals and vote on them (with their votes weighted based on their $VINYL holdings). We respond to the top proposals.

Get Young Thug on here +20,922.1 votes

We have recently reached out to his Agent and Manager. We will keep everyone posted.

I want to see more content, albums, music videos, merch. Lots of possibilities! +15,735.4 votes

These are great concepts! We are reviewing different options for our next developments. One of the unique aspects of our ‘access-pass’ system of development is that we can build multiple different media types into our NFTs. We are interested in exploring albums, music videos, and merch. We have decided to use this proposal for our first community poll on our new gov system.

Would love to see some podcasts on nftfm. Definitely more content and atb price comparable to apple or spotify to buy songs and albums so i can build library for listening, maybe 3rd party app? +9842.6 votes

Podcasts are definitely something we would love to branch out to. If you know anyone who may be interested in releasing full-length podcasts as an NFT, please have them reach out to We also understand the desire for cheaper price points. One of the things that makes this difficult is the gas prices on the Ethereum network. We are currently researching L2 solutions like Polygon / Matic and also looking into Credit Card integrations to abstract gas fees away from the transaction process.

Screenshot of Top Proposals. Taken 6/16/2020



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