How to promote and sell your music NFTs

3 min readDec 3, 2021


We express ourselves to have an opportunity to share what we’re passionate about. This builds connections that give support and encouragement along our journeys. Fanfare is a virtual space which acts as a platform for musicians and their fans to engage and build out these connections.

Teach your community about NFTs

We’re in the early era of Web3.0 and many people may be unsure on how to begin to interact with this new type of content. It is important divulge your audience on how to they can participate in this new experience.

The process of creating a unique track, single, or album, from inspiration to the completion ignites curiosity. As an artist you can share snippets, cover art previews, or video of the studio process can stir up attention. Be sure to promote frequently and consistently when building up to an NFT drop.

TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and Beyond

It’s important to have a presence on other platforms. Feedback from our community has shown that TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Discord to be the most promising platforms for cross-promotion. We’ve created a set of valuable hashtags and a branding package to help you get started:

Good NFT Hashtags
#musicNFTs #NFTs #NFTmusic #NFTcollector #NFTcommunity #NFTart #NFTcollectors #cryptomusic #NFT #cryptoart #cryptoartist

Fanfare Branding Package

TikTok is a fantastic platform to post about your NFT drops. It is a platform at the intersection of technology and music. Just like Fanfare! Get started with a how-to guide for general best practices here.

Twitter is great for inserting links that can be shared and retweeted for feedback, interaction and networking. On Twitter you can link directly to your Fanfare NFTs and bring your following over directly.

Instagram is another place that shouldn’t be forgotten about, it provides a visual medium where you can post videos of your music NFTs. Here’s an example! Unfortunately, you can’t link directly to them unless you do so in your bio.

Communication is crucial in the growth, NFTs are a new market that gives you the chance to inform and influence the fan’s first encounter. Using Telegram, Reddit and Discord are great ways to have one on ones with people excited for your release. They are also places to get feedback and stoke excitement for your upcoming releases.

There is a lot of content being uploaded all the time, to stand apart its important to use hashtags. And remember to @ us on the social media of your choice! @fanfare_fm on all platforms. We love to share and retweet our artists!


Use your social media to post often and maximize reach to the billions of users online. Teasing and promoting your art before it drops (and repeatedly once its available) makes a huge difference. Let your fans and potential fans know that they could miss out owning your amazing music.

NFTs are new and empowering positive change in the music industry. You are joining at the cutting edge of this movement, and should let your fanbase know!

If you have more questions about about NFTs would like to learn more about promoting your music on Fanfare you can contact us via our socials below. Speak to you soon!

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