Fanfare Roadmap

2 min readJan 21, 2022


With Fanfare launched and open artist minting available, we wanted to inform the community of the next steps on the Fanfare roadmap. Below you can find the list of things we’re looking to build out in the rough order we’re looking to build them.

Phase 1: Community | February-March

What we’ve learned from talking to both our artists and NFT collectors is that community is king. NFTs are the perfect way to show your support for an artist, and gain access to that artists inner community.

Community centric tools are what we’re currently working on developing. Easily allowing artists to token-gate private chats and discords for their community members, allowing artists to airdrop new music to their nft holders, and letting artists see who their top collectors are.

Collector benefits are another large focus of ours. Enabling public collector profiles so that collectors can proudly display their NFT collections, allowing collectors to make and share playlists of their NFTs, and creating a ‘top creators’ section with on-platform badges are all ways we want to reward Fanfare collectors.

Migration of beta platform is another task for the upcoming months. We’re already well underway bringing over our beta artists onto the upgraded Fanfare platform, and we haven’t forgotten about the collectors. We are working to build a bridge that allows collectors to migrate over their ETH and BSC NFTs onto FLOW. We will also begin work on the dual staking feature, allowing $VINYL holders to get continued utility.

Integration with secondary marketplaces will help provide an extended ecosystem for Fanfare NFTs. We are working with marketplaces such as BloctoBay and Rarible for resale.

Phase 2: Expansion | March-May

As we build out a tool of suites connecting fans and musicians and expand the Fanfare community, we also aim to provide more utility for everyone. Following our community growth, we aim to grow the benefits of being in the Fanfare system, as well as the artist base Fanfare serves.

On-platform resale will be integral to growing as a marketplace. We don’t want to be continually reliant on marketplaces like Rarible for secondary sale, and aim to build in these features ourselves. This will also enable features such as continued royalties for artists.

Expanded $VINYL utility — we will be bringing restaking features for $VINYL onto the full Fanfare platform. Holders will be able to stake their $VINYL to NFTs and artists, boosting their visibility on the marketplace. This is doubly beneficial as Artists will benefit by being able to display and sell their NFTs, and collectors will benefit from higher visibility of their collected NFTs, boosting resale value.

Partnerships with more artists will help get Fanfare more on the map. As we continue our grassroots growth, it will be important to bring in more artists, and more fans to continue to build out and grow the Fanfare community.