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Fanfare Makes Music NFTs Accessible for Fans and Creators

2 min readDec 14, 2021

Fanfare Revolutionizing Creator Compensation through NFTs

By: Zachary Reed December 13, 2021

Austin, TX: Fanfare, a platform for buying and selling collectible music Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs), is launching this Thursday at 6:20 PM CST. Hosting exclusive music from incredible artists, @fanfare_fm recently tweeted out their launch date of 12/16/21. Each day until launch, Fanfare releases more names of participating artists from their artist list.

The company prides itself on its service of both musicians and fans. Musicians and fans can connect in exclusive on-site communities built entirely by themselves. Musicians can sell songs as collectibles directly to these communities, with 85% of sale revenue going to the artist; this empowers musicians to set up their own rewards on the platform. Fanfare will start NFT sales with 1-of-1 auctions and gradually open up to more varied forms of release.

Fanfare operates in the service of artists and fans. It is powered as the first open music NFT marketplace to run on FLOW, a new blockchain built with multi-role architecture, resource-oriented programming, developer ergonomics, and consumer onboarding. With FLOW, Fanfare can create and sell NFTs at more affordable price points than their competitors and offer NFT collectability to casual music fans through cryptocurrency and fiat transactions. Fanfare is the only platform with this capability to date.

About Fanfare: Based out of Austin, TX, Fanfare is committed to revolutionizing how artists receive compensation, as well as how the world does business. The platform provides a more environmentally sustainable marketplace for artists and fans, operating on the energy efficient FLOW blockchain.

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