Fanfare February Update

2 min readFeb 2, 2022


February is upon us, and with this month comes our first significant update to the platform.

As always, you can see our platform live at

We’re excited to announce…


Artists are now able to set up exclusive Fanclubs for their collectors. In this first version, NFT holders get access to a private list of links set by the Artist. These can be links to private chats, discount codes, early tickets… the possibilities are limitless! We can’t wait to see how the Fanfare artist community uses this to connect with their fans.

Music Videos

Keeping the music bumping, music video NFTs have been added to Fanfare! Mint and buy music video NFTs on Flow for the first time!

Public User Profiles

Proudly show off your collection with public user profiles! If you go to your profile, the URL is now a copyable url that you can share with your friends

New and improved Artist page

The artist page has had a significant makeover, check it out below!

New home and market page

The home / market page has been grouped into one and beautified as well! We have introduced a featured NFT section. Land your NFT in the Featured section by tweeting your NFT out on social media while tagging @fanfare_fm and #Fanfare

Follow Your Favorite Artists

We’ve added a follow feature on each artists profile. Follow artists to get email notifications about their latest drops.

Sale Bot

A new sales and listing bot has been created, and will announce new music NFT listings and sales in our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Follow our socials to stay up to date!