Fanfare Community Update

2 min readJan 11, 2022


Hi Fans,

The Fanfare team has been working hard behind the scenes and we have a bunch of updates that we’re excited to share with you.

Platform Updates

In the upcoming week, we’ll be rolling out our first significant update for the Fanfare platform. This includes a ton of new features such as…

Public profiles: Users and artists will both have public profiles. Our initial rollout will allow you to upload a profile picture, and set a name and bio.

Open Artist Applications: We will be opening the floodgates, and begin to process artist applications! Once approved, you will be able to mint and sell music NFTs.

NFT Minting: Verified artists will be able to mint and sell NFTs on the Fanfare platform. Starting off, only flat price sales will be available to mint (similar to the Beta platform, where you can mint multiple NFTs and sell them at a flat price.

$VINYL token

We’re excited to be adding more utility and features to our native $VINYL token. $VINYL will stay on BSC for the time being, but we will be introducing features for $VINYL holders onto the full Fanfare platform. You will still be able to stake on artists on the Beta platform, and in addition to that, you can doubly stake into artists on the full Fanfare platform. V2 staking will come with a new featureset, such as promoting the artists NFTs on the marketplace. This massively benefits both the artist and the NFT collector, as the artist can make more NFT sales, and the collector can benefit from higher resale prices from the publicity.

Fanfare artists

As we open up artist enrollment, we will be first prioritizing our Beta artists. If you have released an NFT on the Beta platform, we will be fast tracking you into a verified artist position on Fanfare.

Thanks for reading through our community update. We deeply value the feedback from our community and it would mean the world if you could take a minute out of your day to answer some questions about the platform:

Thank you!